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General Conditions

How to make a booking?

You should book your holiday home as soon as possible. We don't want to press you, but each property is only available once for each day of the year. We aren't a hotel with 200 identical rooms!

Essential: Please give your agent (or us) all the important dates: Arrival and departure day, and time. (minimum rental is for 7 days). How many people in the party, lead passenger and the name of your "First Choice" property, and if possible one or two alternatives. Once this is confirmed, not much more can go wrong - and your vacation is protected.


Our commitment to you as our clients

You make your choice, and you can be sure that we only offer good quality holiday homes.

Portugal with the "sunny Algarve coast" is still one of the politically stable countries that we can see, also on the construction activities. Traffic sometimes can be difficult; we don't want to hide that! Naturally we would inform you if it affects your property, and if we can see it.

It's impossible to avoid those infrequent short-term defects (for example: water-supply, drain-problems), which may turn the let impossible. And sometimes the owners simply don't stick to the contract agreements. In the rare case of a property being rendered uninhabitable or unavailable, we will offer you an alternative, which will be similar or on the whole better than the original.

You don't need to worry: COMBINA has never left their clients sleeping on the beach and will not do so in the future! If you still have some doubts about your holiday accommodation, you can pay the deposit now, and the balance on your arrival day - in cash!


What you should never ignore!

Portugal is an EU member. You must carry an ID with photo (Identity-card, Residential-Permit, Photo Driving licence, Passport) at all times.

But: If you are driving to Portugal you will need to bring an international green insurance card, your driving licence and the car documentation. If the car is not on your name you need a power of attorney from the owner.

In order to hire a car in Portugal you must bring a valid driving licence which has been held for more then one year, and you must be over 23 years of age.

There aren't any required vaccinations for people to Portugal, but for animals there are special regulations, information on which can be obtained from your Vet. If you need to take any medications, it's better to bring them with you.


Cancellations and amendments

In case of cancellation we have to charge as following:

Until 77 days before beginning of rent: 10 % amount of the bill
Until 56 days before beginning of rent: 25 % amount of the bill
Until 28 days before beginning of rent: 75 % amount of the bill
From the 27th day onward: 90 % amount of the bill
Non-arrival 100%

As qualifying date we take the date we received your cancellation. The minimum cancellation fee is 75,-- . Amendments cost 20,-- , or nothing.


When, how, and what do you pay?

Please pay only after you receive our bill. We expect a down payment of 25 % and the balance is due 6 weeks before your arrival.

You don't have to worry, we never cheat our clients, we want to keep our good name. If you wish to have a different payment agreement, please contact us, we'll find a solution.


A summary of the most important points again

Please book as soon as possible, then you'll have unrestricted choice of house (and flight). After receiving your down-payment the booking is binding for COMBINA.

After receipt of the bill. Down-payment 25%, balance payment 6 weeks before your arrival. Additional services, deposits etc. normally we settle on the spot.

As above described. Don't forget to take adequate holiday insurance!

The price includes all the costs for gas, water, electricity, maid service and fresh linen and towels. Not included are costs for additional services, special wishes, heating in season A and B, use of 'phone, "pick-ups at night" and any personal washing (if it is possible, you must pay the maid directly for this service).

Please inform us at once of damages.

COMBINA will take on arrival a security deposit of between 100,-- and 250,--. Your security deposit will be refunded to you after checking the property, and less any liabilities. For any damages detected after this final check, we reserve the right to charge you later.

We will communicate with you on the base of "mutual good conduct".


Thus far we have dealt with the booking of your holiday.
What happens next?

After receipt of your balance-payment you will receive our information for your arrival.

Please inform us, at least 1 week before the start of your holiday, about your arrival-time, so that we can expect you at our meeting-point. If you come by air, we will also need your flight number.

Arrival times at the property
Officially between 16.00 and 22.00 hours. It may be possible earlier or later, please ask. On arrival after 22.00 hours we have to charge a night-pickup fee of EUR 15,-.

Departure times from the property
Officially 10.00 hours on your departure day. It may be possible to stay later, please ask. Occupancy: There is a limit to the amount of persons allowed in each home, as mentioned on your bill. If you want more persons to occupy the house, this must be confirmed by us.

On request, COMBINA has to confirm.

We will always try to assist you in a reasonable manner. Finally, if you have any queries at all - please ask us.


General Conditions

1. General
In any case of complains we always found an agreement on the base of "mutual good conduct". Until today that always worked out, we never had to go to court, and we want to keep it like that. We hope you agree.

2. Booking and confirmation
Once your booking and deposits have been received, and confirmed by COMBINA, this booking forms a binding rental contract between yourselves and COMBINA.

3. Our services
They are mentioned in our offer. All additional services have to be in written form to in order to avoid miss understandings. The total amount in the bill includes all the services booked by COMBINA.

4. Your commitments are:
  • Paying the bill on time
  • Take all reasonable care of the property. Ensure that any damage is reported to us, you will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement.
  • To keep the property in really good condition you need to inform us promptly about any faults or damage.
  • Inform us at time (at least 1 week before) about your arrival-time, so that we can pick you up at the meeting-point.

5. Liability
COMBINA cannot be held liable for any loss or damages, for example strike, mob, epidemic, or for any other circumstance outside the reasonable control of our rental service.

6. We have the right to
Rebook you in another suitable accommodation if there is an exceptional specific reason. Should that be the case we would inform you as soon as possible.

7. COMBINA has the right:
To take a security deposit (between 100.-- and 250.--). The specific amount will be made known to you in good time.

We think we have covered all the essential points above. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact COMBINA, and we will do our best to help.

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